Flying Gaff Productions, LLC
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What is the Flying Gaff Difference?

 We are Unique Detail Oriented  and Creative

Unique “different from others in a way that makes somebody or something special and worthy of note”.

Flying Gaff Productions is a full service media company specializing in resort, lifestyle, and website videos.  Spearheaded by award winning editor/producer Kurt Feldhun and partner Doug Slater, Flying Gaff differentiates itself from its competition by being laser focused on the client. 

Identifying and portraying the image and uniqueness of their client’s offerings is paramount within the Flying Gaff approach and philosophy.  In times like these, state of the art marketing and media packages are essential to stand out among the rest of the field.

Detail “all of the individual parts that together make up a whole”.

By incorporating a team approach to all aspects of a particular project, Flying Gaff ensures that no facet is left uncovered.  This multi-layered approach makes certain that the finished product will appeal to the largest percentage of your target audience.

Whether it’s your established brand or simply the location, architecture, cuisine, and/or any other feature that sets you apart, Flying Gaff will capture that image and excitement leaving an indelible impression upon the viewer.

Creative – “the ability to use the imagination to develop new and original ideas or things, especially in an artistic context”.

Flying Gaff prides itself on being able to “think outside the box” and continually deliver a cutting edge and exhilarating product which is crucial in differentiating oneself from the competition.

Flying Gaff will engage the viewer with vibrant footage; capturing their attention and making them feel both a part of the experience and leaving them craving more.