Flying Gaff Productions, LLC
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Bottom Line “the most important factor that must be accepted...the final profit or loss that a company makes”.

Kurt Feldhun is a graduate of N.Y.U. film school. As an award winning film maker and editor, Kurt has been working in the areas of travel videos, music videos, and documentaries for over 25 years.  He is known for capturing beautiful, intimate, and sometimes unexpected “moments” in time.  Kurt has been nominated for an Emmy as well as having his work featured on Oprah.

Doug Slater has been a successful media investor and producer.  He has been involved in projects that have won awards at both Sundance and South by Southwest.  He has an unrelenting drive for perfection and an unyielding eye for detail, organization and professionalism.  

Kurt, Doug, and their team possess a well honed sense for finding the excitement and artistry in every shot. This ensures that the finished product best represents everything the client desires to impart.